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We are the Ghanaian communities private foremost regional radio and tv station . Conscious Vybz is defined as “Educational ” and works with an array of leading radio personalities (Media Stars) that are highly admired among the Ghanaian population.

About Us

Conscious Vybz Radio/TV, in affiliation with Royalvibes Multimedia, was established in February 2022 and officially registered in June 2024. We proudly stand as the premier regional private radio and TV station serving the Ghanaian communities. Conscious Vybz is dedicated to providing an “Educational” experience and collaborates with a stellar lineup of esteemed radio personalities (Media Stars) who are held in high regard by the Ghanaian population. Additionally, many of the captivating shows aired on Conscious Vybz Radio/TV are syndicated to various other radio stations across the country.

Because of Our genuine characterization, our successful format and our leading popular broadcasters, Conscious Vybz Radio /TV has become the most listened Ghanaian community radio/tv station among Ghanaians and some other African communities.

We have drawn attention to media surveys in the Ghanaian and the African community as a whole to be the best Radio and TV station for Africans to listen to consecutively.
The station’s broadcasting combine active listener involvement and mainly include: News and Current affairs – Discussion – Sports – Comedy and during the Weekends -good music.

Conscious Vybz Radio/TV is highly committed to the African community by airing shows that are responsive to the interests and needs of the listeners and by carrying a variety of nonprofit public service programs.


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